LaRoc 88 Colours Eyeshadow - You Need It!


Admittedly, since the new year I've not had a massive amount of time to discover new makeup or shop much, but a friend of mine did recommend to me my new favourite eyeshadow palette! 

It's a 88 colour LaRoc eyeshadow palette, and the best bit? it's only £4.99 on Amazon! 
It's a mixture of matte and shiny colours, with a lot of neutrals but also a few colours that are guaranteed to make your eyes pop :) 

You get a great range of colours, with just enough neutral tones to make sure they blend really well with any skin tone. The packaging and shadows look like this:

As you can see there's a range of blues, greens, reds, browns and whites. 
I particularly really like the red and oranges so I can create looks like this: 

OR you can add in some stargazer glitter (£1.99) for something a little more special for nights out like I did here: 

Usually I just buy Mac eyeshadows in a small range of colours, but if this palette is good for anything it's great to see what colours you suit and what you don't! I used green eyeshadow for the first time from this palette, and I was shocked how much I actually liked it. 


Long story short, this palette is really pigmented and awesome, so you should definitely get it! and for £4,99 you're sure to love at least 3 of the shades, which is ridiculously cheap for what you get.

Here's the link

Happy experimenting! :) 

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